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      Who do you work with? 


      Is massage safe for me?

      What will my session look like?

      Can I be clothed during my massage?

      Do I have to be covered with a sheet, blanket or towel during my session?

      What should I do during my massage?



      Will my massage hurt?

Generally speaking, Therapeutic Massage is beneficial for most. The exception would be if you are experiencing a condition to your health that "contraindicates" massage. If you have any concerns, please reach out to your massage therapist &/or primary care physician beforehand, for peace of mind. In some cases, massage is safe, but the methods used must be adjusted to match what is showing up in your body; so please try to be as open & honest as possible with your practitioner about your history + current state of health. This information is kept private & is used only to provide you with the best experience; with safety, comfort & efficacy towards your personal goals in mind.

Each session is designed from moment to moment based on any & all needs, preferences, requests, etc. you share with me. That said, your session can look completely different each time, or exactly the same if that's what makes you feel most comfortable. Remember that your session time is completely dedicated to you; so, don't hesitate or be afraid to share what would make your session feel most safe, supportive & therapeutic for you, even (and especially) if that changes at any given moment.

Absolutely. Therapeutic bodywork requires comfort and your feelings of comfort & safety are of top importance to me. If you feel most comfortable clothed, or partially clothed, I am more than happy to meet you wherever you are most comfortable & work over your clothing.

In the massage world, the covering & intentional uncovering of the body, with a sheet, blanket or towel, is called "draping". Draping practices vary based on local laws, client & therapist preferences, as well as the style of massage being practiced. 

For privacy, safety & comfort, I do practice modest draping during all unclothed sessions - for me, this means the entire body remains covered with at least a sheet - only the area being worked will be undraped at any given time, unless otherwise requested for reasons of comfort. For folks who (specifically) express feeling comfortable with less modesty, I may undrape half, or most, of the body, for certain techniques, but all private areas (genitalia) will remain covered at all times. If there is expressed consent for abdomen work, additional draping will be used to cover breast tissue, as well. Please feel empowered to express any preferences of modesty before, during and/or after your session If at any time you feel more exposed than you'd like to be please communicate and you're request will be respected with appreciation & without question. If you struggle to communicate your needs, please bring this to my attention so that we can find a way to establish communication signals that feel approachable for you.

Anything you need to make yourself comfortable. Some folks like to close their eyes to catch ZZZs, rest or reflect; while others prefer to talk or ask questions. Some enjoy, or need, deep breaths, sighs, and sharing what they're feeling. Some like to turn inward. Sometimes there's a need for wiggles, a sip of water, a clearing of the nose, some tears, or a pause in the session. This can all change session to session & largely depends on any intentions you bring to the session at hand. There is no wrong way to receive, as long as it feels good for you. 

Massage, even very"deep" massage, does not require any level of pain to be effective and, generally, pain takes away from the body's ability to relax - so, your massage should not be a painful experience, or even a slightly uncomfortable experience unless you've requested a specific level of intensity and the level of pain/discomfort feels therapeutic to you.

Because pain tolerance varies person to person & often changes day to day, depending on the physical, mental & emotional states being experienced, a rule of thumb is to observe & communicate at any point in time in which discomfort/pain goes from an"ahhhh" feeling to an"ouch" feeling during your session."Ouch" feelings can signify an area of injury & require adjustments in pressure/techniques so that the body can feel at ease & benefited, instead of harmed, by the session. If at any point you are unsure of your level of comfort with the pressure or techniques being applied to your body, please communicate. If you struggle to identify therapeutic levels of discomfort, or if you struggle to communicate your needs, please bring this to my attention so that we can work to  establish communication signals and distinguish what sort of discomfort feels safe for you during each session.


I love & appreciate working with a full spectrum of human beings from all walks of life, and I am committed to providing a space that is grounded in compassion & respect, with no room for judgement or discrimination. I welcome all ages, all body types & all identities. As they say, "Y'all means all", and all - I mean ALL - are absolutely welcome with me.


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