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Within each of us lies a whole world of our own. If we dare venture to & explore these inner landscapes, while tending to them with curiosity & compassion, we may be surprised to find just how beautiful our world, our life, can be - inside & out.

We believe that bodywork can be a powerful tool for supporting shifts in the physical body; supporting better structural alignment & alleviating postural pain, as well as the systematic pain that results from chronic physical, mental & emotional stress. But, we also believe it can be so much more than that - just a physical experience - and it can do so much more than just alleviate pain & discomfort.

It is our understanding that all that we are, in our physical, human form, simply starts at our skin. Inside, we contain a whole world, as our bodies carry all of our stories & all that we've experienced in life. Whether we care to remember or not, the bodily vessel we occupy has felt, and remembers, every emotion, every injury or experience of pain (physical, mental or emotional), and it has heard (& felt) every thought we've ever had, "good" or "bad".

When we tend to our body kindly, giving it room to rest & restore itself properly, we create room for experiencing life differently. Where we were maybe once occupied by the experience of our pain & discomfort, we might find room to enjoy the moments upon us. And, sometimes, we might even find that we're able to create more of those enjoyable moments, when we aren't preoccupied with managing the experiences within our body.

We feel that each session provides an opportunity for you to explore what's happening within your body; within yourself, on every level. As such, we welcome you to make each session your own ~ whether your current focus is to improve your posture, improve your relationship with your body &/or Self, to explore, meditate, reflect, manifest, or simply have a quiet moment to yourself; we're here to support you in doing just that. We are honored to hold space for you in your journey, wherever you may be & wherever it may take you.

* Please note: While Massage Therapy most often compliments other forms of wellness & healing, it is not a replacement for any other form of therapy or medical attention. Please make sure you're taking care of yourself outside of massage - if you'd like help finding additional resources, please ask for support & we'll be happy to help to the best of our ability.