© 2019 Bodywork by Ariana


In each of us lies a world of our own. If we dare venture to & explore these inner worlds, while tending to them with curiosity & compassion, we may be surprised to find just how lovely our world can be - inside & out.

Healing work is hard work - heck, self care in itself is hard work. The decision to begin this journey, in itself, takes gumption - and by making that decision you've already shown that you've got what it takes. We're just here to remind you.


We believe in a human-to-human healing relationship, in which we meet you where you are & walk alongside you in your journey. We believe everyone's process is personal & individual so, while we might occasionally guide you to encourage momentum, it is our intention to simply hold space for you & your healing while you forge your own way. 


We promise to keep your healing space safe, private & free of judgment so that you can explore your body & inner world while feeling secure & nurtured. We are so honored to witness you forging your own path & we are humbled by the privilege to walk alongside you on your journey.




But, how does bodywork translate to the inner journey?


All that we are starts at our skin. Our bodies store all that we've experienced; they've felt every emotion, every injury & heard every thought we've ever had. With all of those things it gives back information which contributes to creating our perception of the lives we live & the people we are. Just the same, in reverse, the ways we perceive our world & Self contribute to the ways we experience our bodies - from the ways we hold ourselves to the ways we feel physical pain within them. So, when we affect one, we can affect them all - by which we believe that, when we make change to the physical body with proper attention & intention, we make space to also positively influence the mind (mental) & spirit (emotional) aspects of the Self.



While massage can very easily be approached with the intention to address the physical body only & still have profound results, each session also provides an opportunity for you to explore what's happening within it; within yourself. As such, we welcome you to make each session your own ~ whether your current focus is to improve your posture, improve your relationship with your body &/or Self, or simply have a quiet moment to yourself; we're here to support you in doing just that.

* Please note: While Massage Therapy most often compliments other forms of wellness & healing, it is not a replacement for any other form of therapy or medical attention. Please make sure you're taking care of yourself outside of massage - if you'd like help finding additional resources, please ask for support & we'll be happy to help to the best of our ability.