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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates & e-certificates can be purchased for single sessions, packages or for a custom amount. If you'd like a physical certificate for gifting, you can pick one up at the studio at your next session or schedule a certificate pick-up.

New Client Offerings

Feeling safe & supported is so important when it comes to creating the space for deep relaxation, rest & healing. As such, the extended new client session is intended to give you & I the opportunity to build a good foundation of safety & trust, to discuss what approaches feel like the best fit, to make sure you feel you can be properly supported in whatever journey you may be on & that you feel inspired to work alongside each other. If you have any pressing questions, concerns or specific intentions for receiving bodywork, please feel free to reach out anytime & begin that discussion before booking a session - I'm more than happy to chat! Just click the 'Get in Touch' button below to connect. 

Currently accepting new clients!


Single Sessions

If bodywork is just an every-once-in-a-while thing for you, or if you're working up to receiving more regularly; purchasing single sessions as-needed might offer you the most flexibility. If you have multiple areas of focus, or want deeper work while covering the full body, we would usually recommend booking a longer session, which typically provides the time to work more thoroughly & effectively. Something is often better than nothing, however if you're just needing some time for yourself to rest & unwind! 


Packaged Sessions

If you plan to receive bodywork regularly, or semi-regularly, we might recommend purchasing a package of sessions opposed to single sessions (above). Not only do they help with saving, but many folks find that this option supports them with their accountability in taking care of themselves on a regular basis while offering the most flexibility in scheduling.

To buy/begin a package, select one of the "Package" service options when booking your next appointment. You'll be charged accordingly at your next visit.

Monthly Massage Membership


If you have the intention of making bodywork part of your regular self care, healing or wellness practice, this is for you! In effort to support you in receiving bodywork more regularly, we offer deeply reduced rates, seasonal perks & complimentary offerings to folks who receive at least one Massage every month. Pricing ranges from $75-$150/month.

Limited availability - Please contact for details & availability

Sliding Scale Sessions


We firmly believe that everyone deserves access to the support they need. If you or someone you know needs the support of bodywork & requires financial assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out. Give us an idea of where you're coming from & we'll do our best to meet you. Please do understand that sliding scale sessions are limited & offered on a case by case basis.


Empowerment Coaching


If you're struggling to keep promises to yourself & make the small (powerful) shifts you already know you need to make, to feel better in your life, this is for you. Together we'll work to identify some sources of resistance, make a life/schedule/money map to identify where your time, energy & money are going & develop small (powerful), sustainable action steps & promises of accountability to get you moving in a direction that feels more fulfilling for you. And then we'll celebrate together (a little or a lot, depending on what's comfortable) - surprisingly difficult to do, especially alone, but all the same necessary to encourage ourselves to keep going.

If this sounds intimidating to you, but you find yourself interested, please don't hesitate to reach out with (absolutely any) questions! If you're like me, maybe you're already letting the fear talk you out of it, or into resisting it...but, please trust that this process is intended to be nothing but nurturing in nature & I am committed to moving at whatever pace feels like it serves you. Maybe think of these more as heart to heart conversations, rather than "coaching", in which we converse & work together to create plans that feel meaningful to the current you, in light of your future you.