g i f t   c e r t i f i c a t e s

Gift Certificates & e-certificates can be purchased for single sessions, packages or for a custom amount. If you'd like a physical certificate for gifting, you can pick one up at the studio at your next session or schedule a certificate pick-up.

n e w   c l i e n t   s e s s i o n


currently accepting new clients!

Without a good sense of safety & trust in place, it can be difficult to fully sink into the experience of receiving bodywork - and it is my hope that you get exactly what you need from every session. So, with that in mind, on your first visit (or two) we'll take some extra time to discuss anything you may need to feel comfortable, safe & properly supported in your session(s). 

If this sounds difficult, not to worry - this is something we can work on together.


If you have absolutely any questions, concerns or specific intentions for receiving bodywork, please feel free to reach out anytime & begin that discussion - I'd be more than happy to chat & answer any questions to see if it feels like a good fit for you! 


i n t e g r a t i v e   m a s s a g e

If bodywork is just an every-once-in-a-while thing for you; or if you're working up to receiving more regularly, an individual integrative massage session offers the most flexibility. Each session varies in technique & depth, based on your personal needs & requests for the day.


p a c k a g e s

If you plan to receive bodywork regularly, or semi-regularly, purchasing a package of sessions may be the way to go. Not only do they help with saving money, but most folks find that this option supports them with their accountability in taking care of themselves on a regular basis while still offering plenty of flexibility in scheduling. Each session varies in technique & depth, based on your personal needs & requests for the day.

To buy/begin a package, select one of the "Package" service options when booking your next appointment. You'll be charged accordingly at your next visit.


m o n t h l y   m e m b e r s h i p

If you have the intention of making bodywork part of your regular self care, healing or wellness practice, this is for you. To better support you in this powerful commitment, you'll receive reduced rates on every session, seasonal perks & complimentary add-ons when you sign up to receive at least one Hour Massage every month. Pricing ranges from $75-$150/month.

Limited availability - Please contact for details & availability

s l i d i n g   s c a l e   s e s s i o n


I firmly believe that everyone deserves equal access to the support they need. If you or someone you know needs the support of bodywork & requires financial assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out. Give me an idea of where you're coming from & I'll do my very best to meet you. Please understand that sliding scale sessions are limited & offered on a case by case basis.


w e l l n e s s   s u p p o r t


If you're struggling to keep promises to yourself in making the small but powerful shifts you already know you need to make, to feel better in your life, this is for you.

Together, we'll get curious & work to identify some sources of resistance that come up & keep you feeling stagnant, then brainstorm some sustainable self care practices that feel easily accessible & good for you. Once we've got those, we'll begin experimenting with action steps & I'll be there to lovingly nudge, encourage & remind you that you're worth the effort & capable of doing the work, even when it feels really hard. We'll celebrate each "tiny" victory (a little or a lot, depending on what's comfortable for you) together, too - because we need that encouragement to keep going & celebrating alone can be surprisingly difficult to do.

If this sounds intimidating to you, but you find yourself interested, please don't hesitate to reach out with (absolutely any) questions! If you're like me, maybe you're already letting the fear talk you out of it, or into resisting it...but, please trust that this process is intended to be nothing but nurturing in nature & I am committed to moving at whatever pace feels like it serves you. Maybe think of these more as heart to heart conversations, rather than "coaching", in which we converse & work together to create plans that feel meaningful to the current you & the you that you're becoming.

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